Upcoming meeting agenda Oct. 19th

Beginning C# 6-7pm:

Classes, Objects and good OOP practices
This month Mark will continue our series of discussions based on the Trey Nash book “Accelerated C# 2010”, which is published by Apress.   This month he will cover Chapter 4 discussing classes and objects.   He’ll be discussing how to design classes and using objects to implement those classes, he’ll also be test-driving the development with NUnit to push the idea of creating tests around the classes as you build them and the enormous benefits that come with this mindset.

Advanced C# 7-8:30pm:

GOF Design Patterns – Part 2: The Structural Patterns
This month’s speaker is Harry Nystrom.  He has his own .NET consulting practice, is the leader of the Houston C# SIG, and holds the MCSD .NET certification. This month he will continue a series of talks on the Gang-of-Four Design Patterns.  These patterns are divided into 3 groups – Creational, Structural, and Behavioral.  This month he will present the Structural Patterns.


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