January 18th 2011 Meeting Agenda

Beginning C# 6:15-7:

Operator Overloading in C#

This month Bobby Shaffer will be continuing the topics in Trey Nash’s Accelerated C# 2010 book and will be discussing and demonstrating using Operator Overloads in your program.

Advanced C# 7-8:30:

GOF Design Patterns – Part 3B: The Behavioral Patterns

This month Harry Nystrom will finish a series of talks on the Gang-of-Four Design Patterns.  These patterns are divided into 3 groups – Creational, Structural, and Behavioral.  This month he will discuss the remainder of the Behavioral Design Patterns.

3 thoughts on “January 18th 2011 Meeting Agenda

  1. I am currently designing an application and I remember one of concept in GOF design patterns Harry presented would be very useful in the implementation. However, I forgot the coding and its structure. Is it possible to obtain a copy of the training coding example? Thank you.

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