Beginning C# 6-7pm Feb. 15th

TDD Dojo:

I’d like to take a break from Accelerated C# this coming week and get everyone involved in some Test-Driven-Development hands on training.  During the C++ User Group meeting last month, I volunteered some time before the speakers showed up to do some Inversion of Control demonstration along with some unit testing.  I realized that there are still a lot who (for whatever reason) avoid unit testing and Interface-based design.  So with that I’d like to focus on getting other developers to embrace both concepts and the best way to do this is a Dojo.

The idea of a Coding Dojo is to have everyone help in completing unit tests that drive the development of an application that we’ll build.  By help I mean coming up and on a wireless keyboard I bring writing out the test a few steps at a time.  This will help you understand what TDD and Unit Testing actually is rather than sitting back and passively watching me do it.   I took part in a TDD Dojo in Austin last year at a Coding camp and this jump started my understanding of TDD.  We’ll hit the basics, Interfaces, a simple Inversion of Control container, dependency injection and of course RGR (Red, Green, Refactor – the steps to Test Driving code).  See you there!

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