Meeting agenda for Oct. 18th 2011

Part 1: 6-7pm

MVVM via WPF Twitter Application continued.

We’ll continue to build our WPF application that runs a twitter client by adding new functionality and implementing more SOLID principals as we go.  Our first change of the night will be to start using an Inversion of Control container to wire up dependencies and to connect the View to the ViewModel and vice versa.

Par 2: 7-8:30pm

PowerShell for Developers: So Good, You Will Want To Slap Your DBA (Or IT Guy)

Peter Seale from Sogeti will be giving a talk on using Powershell.  If you haven’t tapped into the ‘power’ of powershell in the Windows environment you’re missing out.

Content will be

a) Intro to PowerShell

b) using PowerShell as a build script for your everyday web application (in other words, using PowerShell to automate common developer tasks).


As always we’ll have pizza and drinks provided by Microsoft funding (Thanks MS!), and prizes to raffle off at the end.

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