Nov. 15th Meeting Agenda

Session 1 : 6-7pm

More WPF Goodness.

Last month we added an Inversion of Control container to our WPF Twitter application, lets continue to add functionality via the MVVM pattern.

Session 2: 7-8:30pm

Codebehind isn’t Evil by Jonathan Birkholz

A year ago, I would have labeled myself a staunch anti-codebehind advocate. But after a year away from WPF and .Net, I have come to rethink my position on the ‘evil’ codebehind. Over the past year, I have worked on Rails, iOS, and Backbone.js and believe there are practices we can copy from those successful frameworks. Before we take a look at how to use codebehind effectively, we will look at the common presentation patterns of MVP, MVC, and MVVM. And this examination isn’t a simple picture of boxes with arrows. We will look at sequence diagrams and the pattern in use in a C# + WPF example. We will then look at how we can avoid the negatives of codebehind and embrace the positives (taking in mind best practices from Rails, iOS, and Backbone.js). If you are hazy on the differences between MVP, MVC, and MVVM, or if MVVM frameworks leave you scratching your head, this presentation is for you.

Jonathan Birkholz worked on C# and WPF projects for over 4 years before switching his career to explore the wonderful world of Rails and mobile development. He regularly contributes to the Virtual Brown Bag (, sharing tips, tricks, and the latest on awesome development tools. He currently takes on contract projects while working on his developer-focused startup, CodeMav (


This is our last meeting of the year.  I will do my best to get us some catered food and drinks other than pizza.  I also have a few books and prizes to give away.  Lets make this the best and biggest meet up of the year.  See you soon!

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