6 thoughts on “Please give us input about where you’re coming from.

  1. Why the vote on where to meet? Has MS thrown us out of the building? Do people not want to meet at Microsoft? Personally, I find it a convenient location and generally a plus.

    Sorry if I’ve missed something along the way on this one … have not been able to get to the past several meetings.


  2. Personally, I like the current location: near 8 and 10, 8 and 59, and 8 and the Westpark Toll Road. The meeting room is also excellent, the parking is easy, and it’s even a Microsoft facility. The Houston Dot Net User Group meets there too, as well as a Microsoft phone app developer’s group, so it’s probably a pretty well known location, and much easier to deal with traffic-wise than the old HAL PC area.

    I would vote for a change of day, however; I’m booked Mondays and Tuesdays, and only rarely can attend for that reason.

  3. I was at the meeting but went to the restroom while it was announced. From what I gathered, Mark said that is has to do with MS policy that a MS employee must be present the whole time and that is not happening, thus we have to move. I don’t know much about the area, but I doubt you will find a nicer place.

  4. Yes, ALL User groups that meet there have to find a new place. It sounds like Code Camps and other events will still be held there. But UG meetings need to be moved. We’ll do our best to scout out new locations, as I’d really like to continue the group. Looking at the poll keeping it on the west side outside the BW would be the best choice. As of now there isn’t a January meeting until we find a new place. I will keep the blog updated of course, and let everyone know what we decide.

    • You might look into the Harris County community centers. Tracy Gee is just down the road from Microsoft.

      Tracy Gee Community Center
      3599 Westcenter Drive
      Houston, Texas 77042

      Phone: (713) 266-8193

      I think they are open to (at least) 9 PM weekdays. I do NOT know the availability of space Thursday evening but they DO book regular, repeating group meetings.

      Personally, a better choice is:

      Bayland Community Center
      6400 Bissonnet Street
      Houston, Texas 77074

      Phone: (713) 541-9951

      There are other similar possibilities including the Houston City community centers and the public libraries though, I think, the latter close at 7.


  5. You could always become a HAL-PC SIG again. I am sure the issue is group members having to pay the $50 annual membership. Personally, my SIG, Database and GUI Design, never went to an independent user group just because of what is happening to you.

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