We’re back for the new year! Next meeting, Jan.18th Wednesday

I hope everyone had a great holiday break.  It’s time to get the C# and .NET train moving again with our first meeting of the year.

Short-term good news:

– We are meeting at the Microsoft offices for January and February thanks to our MS rep Zain.

– Zain has consolidated our group and a few other User Groups into one night which is the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  This will make it easier for MS to manage user group night, it will also give everyone the choice to jump between meetings if they find something else interesting at the other UG talk, which means more people to meet and greet.

Possible not-so-great news:

We may move to a new location starting in March like we had discussed in November.  Nothing is final yet.

Agenda for the Wednesday Jan 18th meeting:

Intro C# talk 6-7pm -> Using Caliburn.Micro in your WPF, Silverlight apps

Keith MacCrimmon will be giving a talk on how to use the Caliburn.Micro framework to build WPF applications.  As you remember in our last set of meetings we were building up a Twitter app using basic MVVM framework, Caliburn uses MVVM but taks a lot of the grunt work out when it comes to wiring up the binding between the views and their viewmodels.

Advanced C# 7-8:30

Harry Nystrom will be giving the Advanced C#, more details to come.

As always, pizza and drinks will be available along with a few raffled prizes at the end.

See you all next week.

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