Meeting Agenda, Wed. March 21st

Part 1: 6pm – 7:15pm

MVVM via Caliburn.Micro Starcraft II Match Feed app

We’ll continue building the SC2 app we started last month and implement the Google Data service implementation along with the SC2 ranks api service.

Part 2: 7:15 – 8:30

“Continuous Integration Brings Order To Chaos – in your life, and also your C# project”

Peter Seale from Sogeti will give a talk on how to implement Continuous Integration within your .NET project, if you’re not familiar with CI or the idea behind CI in the Agile world, this talk is for you.

Continuous Integration is a software development practice–duh, that’s obvious–but what may not be obvious to you is the world of difference continuous integration brings to your work project. Today we will focus the foundational block of continuous integration, and that is setting up an automated build on a CI server (we can talk about branching later, or if someone asks during Q&A). During this all-demo session, Peter Seale will set up an automated build on Teamcity and work through scenarios common to anyone who has ever worked on a team. By the end of this session, you will have seen and experienced continous integration and know why it is a wonderful thing. Additionally, you should be completely comfortable installing and configuring Teamcity yourself, and feel confident with similar products (CruiseControl, Jenkins, TFS).

There will be pizza and drinks as always as well as a few books to give away from O’Reilly, see you there!

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