Mid level C# dev in Austin – Contract


John Ziomek – 281-870-1000, x 2263 – JZIOMEK@WHITAKERIT.COM


Mid level C# developer needed for a one year contract in Austin.  Five years plus experience developing web applications.  Other experience includes:

CSS, SQL, Stored Procedures, ASP.Net, MVC, Visual Studio, and Crystal reports.  If this is something that interests you, please call me immediately!!!!!

Minimum Requirements:

Years     Skills/Experience

5              Developing web applications, web and Windows services using Microsoft C# and Microsoft .NET Framework

5              Microsoft SQL Server

5              Structured Query Language (SQL) development

5              Stored procedures or T-SQL

5              Extensible Markup Language (XML), HyperText Markup Language (HTML) with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

5              Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5+, ASP.NET MVC,  C#, Visual Studio, NHibernate, Nunit

3              Crystal Reports


Years     Skills/Experience

4              Microsoft Visual Studio

4              Merant Version Control, HP Quick Test Pro, CruiseControl.NET, MOQ, IIS

4              Eclipse

joining meetup.com

btw, I didn’t want there to be any confusion, joining meetup.com is free, there is no fee to use any of their services, only the creators and hosts of meetup groups have to pay a monthly fee.  Nothing else will change, we are just transitioning to their site and model for organizing the group meetings.

thanks, be sure you sign up so you can start getting meeting details and group emails, .net job postings, etc as we will no longer use this blog.

Moving to meetup.com

Yes, I am migrating us to meetup.com.

It was bound to happen sooner or later because well, meetup.com is awesome and has a much larger outreach than our blog can ever have.

What I would like everyone who is subscribed to this blog to do is head over to meetup.com, create an account if you haven’t and join our new meetup,


We’ll talk more about meetup.com and why I decided on this change, also you’ll learn that this is not free, I’m paying by the month out of what little funds we have left from our funding every month to host our meetup site.  If, and only if meetup helps us attract more .NET devs (how many times every year do they come up to me and say “wow there’s a C# UG?  Never knew) then it will be worth it.  I also believe at some point we will need sponsorship at least a few meetings a year to cover the costs on my end for the security, food and meetup.com monthly fee.

Thanks, and I look forward to learning and using Meetup.com for organizing our group and meetings.  I will post up our next meeting for Wed. the 20th soon, but I would like everyone to register first (it’s free to register and join groups btw).

This will most likely be the last blog post on wordpress and after you joining meetup.com you will get the same email notification for every post and meeting agenda that is added.