Content and SpeakerRate links

To those that attended last nights meeting here are the relevant links.

Here’s the current solution for the WPF Twitter app:

You can rate my talk here at and download the pp slides:

Here’s Peter’s solution at Github:

His talk at



NuGet =>

Resharper =>

CodeRush =>

Castle Windsor project =>

LINQtoTwitter =>

Powershell in Action => link

As always, thanks to those that attended.  Our group is free and driven by community involvement, the more developers we get involved in the group the better the experience we’ll all have.

– mark

Entity Framework 4

I had the privilege of doing the first presentation for the C# SIG the other night.  The presentation was the second part of a presentation I did for them last month on Entity Framework 4.  The intent of this presentation was to cover the fundamentals of Entity Framework and show my fellow devs how easy it is to get started using Entity Framework.  Along the way, I attempted to mentioned common and best practices used in the field and gotchas to avoid.  You can download the sample code and presentation here. Entity Presentation Files

See the comments section of this post for my follow-up answers to questions I received from the group last night.

– Rich

Solution, Slides and Links

Here’s the solution we built for the WPF Twitter app.  I put in a short readme explaining how to set it up with your twitter account.

The powerpoint slides are also inside the zip file.

Here are the 3 links at the end of the slides:

Jason Dolinger’s MVVM video:

Pete Brown’s MVVM WPF Twitter app video:

Claudio Lassala’s MVVM with WPF and Rhino Mocks:

Sept. 20 meeting agenda

Entity Framework – 6-7pm
Richard Flores will continue his talk on introduction to using Entity Framework.

Using the MVVM pattern within WPF – 7-8:30
I will give a detailed walk through of building up a WPF app along the MVVM design pattern. First we’ll build a workable yet incorrect WPF app that uses a service to populate the UI. I’ll then refactor down the app and create unit tests to enforce the MVVM pattern and show how this makes a more testable and reliable application.

We’ll of course have pizza and drinks as well as a few prizes to raffle off.

August C# SIG Meeting

Date August 16, 2011
Time 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Entity Framework
Speaker Richard Flores
Details Richard will give an introductory overview of putting Entity Framework to work in your applications.
3M + E
Speaker Harry Nystrom
Details Harry will present an incremental development example using several techniques presented in other recent presentations: dependency injection, unit testing, and mock objects.  Come find out what the formula means!

July 19 Advanced C# SIG Meeting

Date July 19, 2011
Time 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Topic Mock Objects
Speaker Harry Nystrom
Meeting Details This month Harry will discuss the use of mock objects in automated unit testing.  The discussion will include the difference between state testing and behavioral testing, the difference between mocks and stubs, and manual creation of mock objects versus the use of a framework.  Examples will use MS Test and Rhino Mocks.